Monday, March 9, 2009

TO almost even Rhymes with Buffalo

Melissa might be released from the hospital today, but more likely some time in the next few days. She is done with what I like to call the "scorch and burn" phase of chemotherapy. Next, they send in the infantry to clean up the stragglers. From what the doctors say, she'll be going in twice a week to check blood-counts and to receive these "touch-up" chemo treatments. After that, I think it's just pills for a couple years. Have I made this analogy before? I'm too tired to go back and check.

Melissa has been experiencing some, let's say, intestinal discomfort. Other than that, she's in pretty good spirits. She's excited to get home and see the cats, and generally to get the heck out of the hospital. I plan on spoiling her with anything she feels like eating for the next few weeks. (read: asparagus and cheeseburgers, 24/7)

You'll all be glad to know that we bought Melissa some pajamas and she has been wearing pants for the past few days. This has done worlds to improve her hospital cred.


  1. Sounds like things are going well. I'm sure the kitties will be happy to see Mommy again. Thanks for the update! *hugs* to th' both o' ye!

  2. Is there any way hospital cred can make her cooler than she already is? I mean, seriously here people!

  3. You'd be surprised how people in hospitals don't take you seriously if you're not wearing pants.

    Pants = Instant respect, it seems.

  4. What? I thought the hospital was the one public place you weren't expected to wear pants? This is very disheartening. I am of the opinion that pants are always optional :D