Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lew Zealand's Amazing Boomerang Fish!

Why yes, I have been watching the Muppets. Why do you ask?

So I had a doctor's appointment on Friday. As usual, everything went swimmingly. My numbers were all good - I'm not even anemic any longer! Good enough, in fact, that I am able to start my second of the three pills that will make up my two-year maintenance therapy. The first was the ATRA, and this second is called Metho...trexo... something. I take eight pills of this once a week on an empty stomach and, from what I hear, then I try really hard not to be sick. I'm starting Monday (because who likes Mondays anyway?) so I'll let you know how things go. Although this pill is a chemo drug, it won't affect me as badly as IV chemo did. No appetite loss, no hair loss, just a little stomach illness.

Speaking of hair, mine is coming back thick, wavy, and blondy! I could upload pictures, or you could all come see for yourself next week when I'm in Auburn at my parents'! I hope to see a lot of friends and family whom I've been missing (and not calling nearly often enough...). Teddy will be in town from October 3rd through 10th, but I'll be staying through the 15th. Hope everyone gets to meet Teddy - as anyone who reads this blog undoubtedly knows, he's a fantastic guy.