Monday, November 15, 2010

Is this thing still on?

Ahem. *tap tap* Hello?

I know I have been, uhh, lax doesn't cover it. I'm a terrible blogger. So here's the update:

There are no updates. My maintenance therapy is working beautifully. My numbers are consistently good. I'm tolerating the increased dosage of medicine fairly well - better than expected, actually. There is one embarrassing side-effect that I'm no fan of: acne. I've never had more than a touch of it my entire life, and it's annoying. It's really no more than a few whiteheads, so I guess I'll live. In fact, it's so mild the doctor didn't even want to do anything about it. But still... Phooey.

The count-down is on until I can get off this crazy thing and make that last step into a cancer-free life: giving up the pill-box. August 2011 - put it on your calendars! I guess it'll be nice to have the liberty to indulge in more than one or two drinks at a time - that's all I'll have in a week, normally - but for all intents and purposes I'm just about done. Woot!!

Thanks for your support, everyone. And hey, how cool is it that a facebook post covers all you need to know about my doctor's visit these days?