Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hooray Surgery!

Cross-posted from... oh forget it; you know where my blog is. -Melissa

As you may recall, my line was removed yesterday. I was a bit worried about it, as the last time they removed an intravenous catheter it was rather uncomfortable and I got no pity (nor anaesthetic) from the surgeons who removed it. Well, it was still uncomfortable, but I dealt - and they did give me some lidocaine to numb, which is a mixed blessing as I hate getting shots. There's only so comfortable they can make you when they yank something out of both a great big vein in your neck and down towards your heart. I got to experience stitches without anaesthesia once again, but it's less horrible than you might think - a choice between getting more lidocaine to numb, which actually stings and burns for about 30 seconds, or a couple sharp sticks and some pulling, which hurts for maybe a second. I expected quite a lot of bleeding, considering the position of the catheter, but so far I've experienced none. Woot! All in all, easy peasy. In fact, with my line out, in a week I'll be able to shower without taping plastic wrap over a perpetually open wound! With that out of the way I'll probably be down to 5-minute showers. Showers hold no allure these days, however, as I can't experience hot water running through my hair; it was the only thing I liked about showering, to be perfectly honest, and now it's the only thing I don't like about being bald.

In less-awesome news, my headaches have been unbearable starting sunday evening and going into tuesday. Bad enough that I took the dilaudid that I swore I would never need outside of the hospital... As a matter of fact I called my doctor and left a message because the headaches had gotten worse and not better; of course, she never called me back. But today things seem to have turned around, finally. All things considered I'm feeling awesome today, and havent taken any narcotics. In fact, I think I can get by from here on with just Tylenol if things stay as good as they are today.

Speaking of things that aren't awesome, I've been waiting for, oh, five hours for my landlord-slash-Teddy's-uncle's lackeys to buy a door to replace ours, which has had a massive hole in the back side since before we moved in. They measured it around 9:30 am and went out seeming quite efficient to buy a door to measurements. Hours later, my poor kittens are still locked up in the spare bedroom (to keep them from escaping while the guys have the door off) and I'm prevented from napping or mailing out a package to my momsy. What is this, cable installation?

But let's not dwell on the bad. Like I said somewhere in the middle of my rant, all things considered I'm feeling awesome. Every day is a new day and things are only getting better.

Monday, July 6, 2009

For Amy.

Amy made me promise to post pictures of Melissa's hair and eyelashes as they're regrowing. So, here goes.

Friday, July 3, 2009

In Which Melissa Rants

This post has been removed for personal reasons. I'll be happy to discuss the contents, which dealt with losing my job, on an individual basis.