Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Northwesterners;

Teddy and I will see you at the beginning of October! :)



Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally, a Health Update

I hear a few people have been waiting rather impatiently for this update! Well Dr. Larson and I had a chat today about my progress and the path I am heading down. Let me say first that my blood numbers are all coming up nicely - although I am slightly anemic she is not concerned and I'm still well within an acceptable range for my point in the leukemia journey. Outside of some dry skin I haven't had any health issues during the intervening month or so since my last visit. Tomorrow I start on ATRA, which I have taken before with few side effects other than (ugh) more dry skin. In a month I'll start another more serious chemo pill, and a month or two after that I'll start yet another. The idea is this: monitor a specific marker in my blood for signs that the leukemia is returning, because some of the drugs I will be taking further down the road sometimes cause blood numbers to drop. The moral of the story is, I'm in the best kind of remission but I'm still taking pills to make extra sure that this crap isn't coming back.

In short: it's aaaaall good.