Monday, March 30, 2009

The Latest

From Melissa, cross-posted from Livejournal.

So I've been at home a week, today. I'm getting stronger as time goes by but it's still a rough road. I'm not done with treatment yet, either. I have two more rounds of consolidation chemotherapy, one lasting a week and the second four days. I should expect them to be considerably easier than the first, because I'm starting them considerably healthier. On Monday I have my second (third, if you count the first failed attempt) bone marrow biopsy. Those aren't fun by a long shot, but they're not as bad as you might think. They numb you up pretty well and it's just... uncomfortable. Not really painful. Of course, it's hard to get around afterwards for a couple days as I recall. But I wasn't in much of a position to move about last time, either. I'll let you know how it goes, but I'm not terribly worried. Well, except for the bruise that was JUST starting to fade... I'm of half a mind to post a picture this time, you have NEVER seen such a bruise as the one I have on my ass. Hehehe!

Anyway, that's the update! I'll try to keep you up with everything going on after this and when I'll be back in the hospital for extended stays. What's everyone else been doing?

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  1. Reading your blog! Need more updates! Oh, I wonder if you've switched back to Carmen Queasy.... *Checks* Gawd my internet is so slow. I hope you wrote something about Ziggy's bday. It sounded adooooorable. Oooo maybe they'll be pics... Oooh new entry! Ok i'm gonna go read over there.

    <3 Lanie