Friday, March 27, 2009


I haven't updated in a week. Whoops! Mainly because things have calmed down, for the most part.

Melissa went to the doctor on Monday for a little post-exit checkup. The doctor was very happy with everything and, to our surprise, had us schedule her next appointment for 2 weeks from that day. We had been told earlier that Melissa would have to see the doctor twice a week for a while, so that was a tremendous relief.

Unfortunately, we also were told earlier that she might be able to do her follow-up chemo treatments out-patient, but it seems that she'll have to actually stay the whole time. The first round will start in a week or two, and she'll be in the hospital for only 5 days. The second will be a few weeks after that, and will require only a few days in hospital ( I think).

Even so, the outlook is pretty sunny! Melissa is feeling great and getting her strength back. Our friend, Vanessa, stopped by for a couple days & we all went out to dinner last night, and then out for ice cream. Mostly, we've just been taking it easy - which is what we really need.

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