Friday, February 27, 2009

The difference between a cow and a bean...

On the trek to the hospital today, Zoe, Erin, Elaine, and I stopped at Sonic Drive-in to bring Melissa a bite to eat. We, of course, had a few bites for ourselves as well. I cannot express the elation I felt a few months ago, a year after I found out that I was diabetic, to discover that Sonic has a low-sugar cherry limeade. It was an instant reaffirmation of my will to live.

Melissa is feeling pretty darn good today, all things considered. She hasn't felt any real nausea yet from the chemo, just a little tiredness. They wheeled her downstairs for a couple CT scans today, just to check things out. And then a leg ultrasound to make sure her recent leg pain isn't due to a blood clot. We're pretty certain they're just sore from walking around a bit yesterday.

I bought her season 3 of The Muppet Show, and I think she and her mom have really been enjoying watching them. We're still trying to find season 2, but my sister might pick that up today.


  1. Oh! Oh! I know this one!

    A bean can begin an adventure!!


  2. The Muppet Show? I am sooo jealous. :)