Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Around 3pm, Melissa finally had the main line put in. She has been in a bit of pain all day from her swollen jaw, sore hip, and legs that are achey from too much walking around yesterday.

While she was downstairs, Erin, Elaine, Zoe and I went wig shopping. We found a nice pink and black wig with flippy ends & a big pink bouffant. I'll post pictures later.

The nurses are letting me stay the night, which is nice. Sadly, the doctor wants to move her room again. It's only down a floor - from the 'oncology' floor to the 'hematology' floor. The nurse says the floors are basically the same. She paged the doctor to ask why we're bothering with the move but the doctor hasn't called back in a couple hours. Melissa is, of course, frustrated at having to move again. This will be our 7th room in 8 days. It would be nice to ask the doctor about it, but I don't suppose I'll hear from her tonight.

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