Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay, so, here's the latest.

Melissa's doctor's are pretty sure that she has Acute Leukemia. She wasn't responding to treatment as they hoped and so they did some more tests and attempted a bone marrow biopsy. The blood tests indicated Leukemia, but her bone was too hard to get through to get the marrow.

On a lighter note, after her biopsy, Melissa refused morphine so that she could propose to me when she got back to the room. We're engaged now.

She has been moved to Rush Medical in Chicago. They're going to attempt another Bone Marrow biopsy tomorrow or Tuesday to make sure completely that it's Leukemia before they start chemotherapy. The doctors think that it's type "m3" which is, they tell me, the easiest type to cure.

I'd write more, but Melissa's mom is glaring at me with contempt because I'm typing and not eating the spaghetti that she cooked.

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