Monday, February 23, 2009

After hours of hungrily waiting for the doctors to perform her bone marrow biopsy, Melissa had it done around 3 pm. She was cracking jokes and in good spirits during the entire procedure. She's still in the ICU, but will hopefully be moving upstairs soon. Her platelets are coming up nicely & her bruises are slowly fading away. Tomorrow is probably her first round of chemotherapy.

Our daytime nurse, Abbie, gave me a tube of lotion today and so, right before I left for the night, I rubbed Melissa's hands & feet. Her skin has been really dry, so she felt much better afterward. Sometimes it's the little things.

Speaking of Abbie, she has been a truly fantastic nurse. From answering any dumb question that I send her way to making sure that Melissa is comfortable at any given moment, she is really helping all of us with this rough time. If I can't be there at any given moment, I feel better knowing that Abbie is there, looking out for Melissa. Honestly, I'm just glad that she puts up with my bullshit. Someone has to!

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