Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahhh, Insurance!

I recently switched to Teddy's insurance plan to save some money and some hassle (my former employer are utter nitwits concerning COBRA) and I half expected this, but I'm having to switch doctors. This is a real blow to me, as a very much like my current haematologist, Dr. Larson.

The list of providers is just names, addresses, phone numbers... none of it means anything to me. I'm totally lost as for where to turn. I've tried asking for a recommendation from Dr. Larson's office, but surprisingly no one is answering me.

I know I'll get this worked out, and I'd like to make my appointment this month and just pay the out-of-network fees to get things all wrapped up and make sure I have a copy of my chart for the next doctor. I'm just a little lost at the moment.

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