Thursday, January 21, 2010

Latest Appointment

Well my appointment today went just swimmingly. Once again, my blood work is holding strong. My more specialized blood test looking for leukemia markers came up negative, and we wrapped everything up with Dr. Larson. I feel the whole thing went very well. She said that, since we're coming up on one year since my diagnosis, I can soon start going only every other month. Woo!

One year since my diagnosis. I can hardly believe that. I'm almost back to where I started - cancer-free, able to do most things, working, and simply enjoying life. Looking back, soon this will only be a blip on the radar - a short but alarming blip.

Insurance is a sonofabitch, but things are worked out and I have some meaningful recommendations from Dr. Larson. From here, it's just a matter of taking the dive and picking someone new. At least it's a 10-minute jaunt from home instead of an hour-long ordeal each way!

So, as always, things are looking up. Teddy and I have all kinds of fun stuff planned for the coming months, and in general, life is settling back into something close to normal. In fact, things have scarcely ever looked better.

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  1. Congratulations! It was a trying year but you made it -- and you're all the stronger for it!

    How is the job going? Are you getting more hours?

    Brian and I aren't up to much. We watch too much TV, I've been realizing, but I love my shows so much. We are going to a Cyclones (hockey) game next week. I just picked up the 12th Wheel of Time book -- The Gathering Storm. I had briefly flirted with the idea of re-reading the entire series...I would like to...but it's such a commitment. I've only read the first chapter and I was only lost 1/2 the time. We'll see.

    As for wedding plans, now that the reception hall is all settled, we need to start working on the photographer and DJ. And I think I've picked out the wedding dress.

    Also happening next week is a visit from my UCLA collaborator. We're just starting a project on research models in neuroscience and streamlining the experimental process. Yeah, I don't know what it really means, either. I guess that's what I'll be finding out next weekend. I've invited his wife and him to stay here for the weekend. Hope it's not too awkward.

    Well, this comment has turned into more about me than I was expecting. Sorry. Anyway, glad to hear you're doing well. Can't wait till we can hang out again!

    *hugs and love*