Monday, June 15, 2009

Movin' on up.

This post has been sitting in the drafts folder of my email for a couple days now. I guess I pressed "save" instead of "send". Whoops.

Around 7 or so Friday night they finally got a room for Melissa on the good old 10th floor. The difference between the two sections of the hospital are striking. If I didn't mention before, we were on a general floor. It was noisy and kind of dirty. The 10th, by contrast, is clean and quiet. It's like they're in different hospitals. Amy says that we're spoiled - in a way, I agree. The other floor is nicer than most of the general floors I've ever seen, but it's still a Super 8 motel in comparison. (I'm not saying this is the Four Seasons. Maybe a Best Western or Holiday Inn Express, though.)

(Here starts the part of the post I added today.)

They found a slight bacterial infection in Melissa's blood culture on Saturday. By Sunday, though, it was gone. The antibiotics they have been giving her must have done their magic. Her headches have mostly dissapeared, except for a couple bad relapses. The mouth sores are getting better, and they're doing a good job of managing the pain.

Hopefully, they'll be sending her home soon. But we don't really know when.

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