Monday, May 11, 2009

Back in Black

Modern medicine is a hell of a thing. It seems that everything that makes you better causes problems somewhere else - and then you need something else to get rid of the bloody side-effects.

Chemotherapy is the most obvious example, but there are so many more. It seems like every drug you take has the potential to make you sicker than the disease you're treating. This is, of course, where the countless amounts of clinical trials and case studies come in, with a med-school training that helps you learn the balance of treating disease.

In the end, we do a heck of a job making sick people better. But the more we learn, the more we must realize that we barely know how the human body works. Sure, we can fill volumes on how the Lymphatic system works - but there are so many more things that we haven't even scratched the surface on. Western Medicine is only now starting to accept some of the thoughts crafted over a couple thousand years by Eastern Medicine. Why must they be exclusive?

I'm not sure where I was going with all of this, but I'll give you a little update before I go.

Melissa is doing well. She's having some bad headaches, but is feeling good otherwise. It's so good to have her home. The cats are loving it.

Erin & Elaine visited for a week and we had a fantastic time. Nothing too exciting - we just hung out, played Rock Band, ate a lot.

Melissa and I made butterscotch caramels for our moms on Mother's day and they turned out pretty darn good. I had never made caramels before (though I have watched Melissa and people on Food Network make them) so I was really worried that they wouldn't turn out. I guess my nervousness manifested in paying extra attention to everything so that I didn't screw up!

I wish I could do more for Amy. She has been a godsend these past few months. I'm pretty sure that I would be sitting in a padded room somewhere if it wasn't for her being here. She's been supportive, caring, helpful, good humored, and generally wonderful (though if she asks, tell her that I said she's a meany-head). I hope she knows how fantastic it's been to have her here.

My mom, also, has done so much for us. From small stuff, like picking up my laundry - to big stuff, like listening to my endless ramblings when I just need to talk but haven't had enough sleep and don't have the good sense to just shut-up and go to bed (which is about how I bet any of you still reading this are feeling). I took her out for lunch yesterday, and it was just nice to sit and spend time with her for a while.

Okay, this post is threatening to go on forever if I don't stop now. Stop sitting in front of a computer screen and go enjoy this lovely evening.

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  1. I've had a lot of people ask me why I chose a naturopath for my new doctor. What you described above is exactly why: all of the "traditional" doctors I've been to have sent me down a path that made me sicker, not better, with their dogmatic approach. I can think of 10 different ways to get to Seattle, why not 10 different ways to get healthy?

    Also, both mothers in question are AWESOME. As are their kids.