Monday, April 13, 2009

Once more, with feeling.

Saturday evening we found ourselves in the ER at Rush. Melissa had an abscess on her side that had ruptured (turns out that's what was causing that rash thing.) The hemotology/oncology clinic isn't open on the weekend so they told us to just hop down to the ER and get it checked out. We had meant to go Saturday morning, but Melissa and I somehow... mistakenly... ended up taking a 4 hour nap.

But it was no big deal, they gave her some tasty drugs, lanced the thingy, and sent her upstairs to trusty ol' floor ten. (She was scheduled to come in Monday anyways.) Of course, it took 6 or 7 hours for all of that to happen,but that's what you expect with the ER.

We spent Easter here, which wasn't too bad as it mostly consisted of eating candy & then passing out in a candy coma. We brought Melissa some Easter ham & kielbasa and my parents brought her even more candy.

She starts chemo tomorrow, only one day behind schedule - so not too bad overall.

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  1. The Lord has smitten you for your disbelief. Let this be a lesson to you: trust in the opinions of your doctors.

    Alternately, you're just making it all up for attention.

    I'm gonna go get some bourbon. <3!